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About Belma

I'm a determined individual who embarked on a unique journey in life. In 1997, my family and I resettled in Boise as refugees from Bosnia, seeking a fresh start and new opportunities. After years of hard work and dedication, I proudly earned my psychology degree from the College of Idaho in 2012.

For six years, I served as a dedicated mental health case worker, striving to make a positive impact on people's lives. However, my true passion beckoned, and in 2017, I fulfilled my dream of becoming an esthetician.

My driving force in life is a deep-seated passion for helping others and forming meaningful connections. This desire extends not only to my clients but also to my most cherished role as a Mother to a wonderful four-year-old girl.

Beyond my professional and parental roles, I find joy in various hobbies. Whether it's chasing a soccer ball on the field, cherishing quality time with family and friends, or embracing new adventures, I relish every moment and opportunity that life offers.
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